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寺カフェ 椿

cafe Tubaki



It all started when my mother, a nun, wanted to open café at a temple as a place where people feel closer to Buddhism and get hints on how to live a better life.




My mother and I have been vegan ever since I remember, and I was always adept at making sweets.  Thus, I decided to take care of the cafe. We hope to heal your mine mind with Buddhism and your body with our delicious food.







◎ Concept of Sweets

■ No animal products such as eggs, butter, and dairy products are used

■ Instead of white sugar, rich-in-mineral maple syrup, Amazake which is made out of rice, and beet sugar are used as sweetener

■ Naturally grown without pesticides nor fertilizers or organic ingredients are carefully selected (there may be differences on grade depending on weather it is domestic, organic or naturally grown) .

■ All sweets are handmade and preservatives are used.


Made with clean air, pure water and the power of the earth in Kikuchi, Kumamoto.

No butter, eggs or white sugar are used in the sweets, yet so delicious, safe, good to your body.

Made one by one with carefully selected organic and domestic ingredients as much as possible.

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