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きらめき和潤精オイル ローズ
  • きらめき和潤精オイル ローズ





    Kirameki Wajunsei Oil (Rose)

    Sales price: 3,500 yen (w/ tax)


    ◆A skin-friendly cream made from Horse oil refined from carefully extracted horse fat.

    The sticky feeling peculiar to horse oil has been eliminated from this cosmetic oil by repeatedly refined the oil while keeping the original constituent of horse oil.

    ◆Horse oil has properties similar to human skin that you can expect to have penetrating, moisturizing, and protective effects.

    ◆ Made by extracting horse oil using a refining method based on Tottori University's patented technology and filtered through.

    ◆The Kirameki Wajunsei series is filtered and refined by the horse oil refining method four more times.

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